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Finnish Shared Network Ltd.
(in Finnish: Suomen Yhteisverkko Oy)
Business ID 2567171-6

Invoicing address
Suomen Yhteisverkko Oy
PL 400
00101 Helsinki, Finland

Electronic invoices (OVT): 003725671716
Intermediator: 003721291126
Operator: Maventa (DABAFIHH)

Office address (no invoices)
Mechelininkatu 1a
00180 Helsinki, Finland

Sami Siiki

Tel: +358 40 057 9500
E-mail: sami.siiki(a)

Financial and Administrative Director
Lauri Ahokallio
E-mail: lauri.ahokallio(a)


Radio Network Manager

Implementation Manager
Juha Truhponen
Tel: +358 44 7547167
E-mail: juha.truhponen(a)

Implementation Manager
Petri Syrjänen
Tel: +358 44 7143792
E-mail: petri.syrjanen(a)

Operations & Maintenance Manager
Antti Maarela
Tel: +358 44 7585770
E-mail: antti.maarela(a)

Co-location management
Tuukka Karvonen
Tel: +358 44 4252222
E-mail: tuukka.karvonen(

Finnish Shared Network Ltd Board of Directors

Heli Frosterus, chairman
Regulatory Manager, DNA Oyj

Timo Hietalahti, vice chairman
Director, Network Engineering, Telia Finland Oyj

Jarkko Laari, board member
Vice President, Radio Netrorks, DNA Oyj

Irina Kitinprami, board member
Legal Counsel, Telia Finland Oyj

Aki Keso, deputy member
Finance Business Partner, DNA Oyj

Aleksi Vartio, deputy member
Director, Finance, Telia Finland Oyj

The shared network owners will offer strategic leadership during network construction, as informed by feedback from their own end customers. Shared Network Ltd’s operations and decision-making processes will be governed by the consensus principle. DNA Oyj holds 49 per cent and Telia Finland Oyj 51 per cent of the Finnish Shared Network Ltd shares.

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In all questions regarding customer service or technical features of subscriptions (eg. coverage), please contact the customer service of your operator, Telia or DNA.